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Living Room
Seating comfort for your living space.
Create a romantic seating experience.
Go ahead kick your feet up, it’s your chair .
Tuck an extra bed under your sofa.
More comfort to curl up with a good book.
The perfect functioning accent piece.
Elevated comfort after a hard day.
Mix and match your custom furniture.
Accent your decor and keep it off the floor.
Functional seating that’s convertible
Display showcase for your prized possessions
Dining Room
Unite family and friends around a nice meal.
Seating comfort for your dining experience.
Serve up entertainment without a kitchen
Create extra seating in a pinch.
Store and showcase your heirlooms.
Extra storage for a better organized kitchen.
Add presentation flare to your next meal.
Home Office
Create better workflow with a well-appointed desk.
Keep important documents organized and safe.
Proper TV viewing height and component storage.
Create an functional focal point in your entertainment room.
Host friends & family in comfort for movie night
Shed some light on the subject
Create style and flair with unique accent pieces.
Add sitting space and storage with a bench.
Furnish your entire bedroom with a stylish bedroom suite.
Surround your mattress with beauty.
Make their sleeping area more fun.
Hide your electronics and store more accessories.
Make sure you can find the snooze button.
Organize your wardrobe and accessories.
Space saving designs for more efficient living.
Perfect storage for pillows and blankets.
Stay looking your best for your next outing.
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Anaston Accutech Table Clock

Anaston Accutech Table Clock by Howard Miller


  • High gloss, black, LCD alarm clock with Vintage Umber wood insert features a snooze alarm.
  • Accuwave DS, radio controlled clock automatically sets itself and adjusts for daylight savings time.
  • Large, 1-1/4" LCD numbers report the time. Display also shows day of week, month, date, and temperature in degrees F or C. A blue LED light illuminates the display in the dark at the touch of a button.
  • Selectable 12 or 24 hour time format.
  • Radio controlled, battery operated movement, includes 2 "AAA" batteries.

  • INT 0509
    H. 4-1/2" (11 cm)
    W. 6-1/2" (17 cm)
    D. 2" (5 cm)


BrandHoward Miller
Dimensions6.5 x 4.5 x 2
CategoryAccessories, Clocks
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